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Excelling the Expectations for Your Commercial Landscape Design

When it comes to running your own business, if there isn’t enough on your plate about your services, employment, equipment, and the layout of your interior, to name a few, have you ever considered about the way your business looks from the outside? Pressure washing or a fresh coat of paint can have some impact, but what about the flow of traffic? Are people missing their turn or not seeing your sign? Your curb appeal plays a huge role in your business. Cintron has the right expertise to help design your business’s outdoor area to not only impact the workspace for your employees but to appeal to your clients and improve traffic flow.

What is Your Landscape Goal as a Business?

First impressions matter, so you should establish a landscaping goal that maximizes the potential of a long-lasting and positive first impression. Businesses such as retail stores, manufacturing plants, boat marinas, private-practice professionals, government facilities, and institutions of higher education, as an example, should all have landscaping goals. Your landscaping reflects how you run your business and establish your business’s persona or brand. First impressions of your business or institution begin with the exterior, and you want to convey your mission from the start. When you maintain the appearance of the outside, that means the interior should follow and thus proving that you genuinely care about your business, including clients, guests, and employees.

To achieve your goals of a well-maintained commercial landscape, all starts with the care and expertise of our design services. Our team considers all aspects, including hardscape, to maximize traffic flow, irrigation and drainage, lighting, and soft scapes. Below, we will begin to break down the main goals your commercial property should have in terms of maximizing the advantage of well-designed landscaping.

Landscaping and the Impact of Your Workspace

For many companies now, they are adding outdoor spaces as a spot to entertain or establish a new work environment. Adding an outdoor office/ entertainment space encourages employees to take advantage of fresh air, create a relaxing atmosphere, and overall provide a functional and healthy workspace. There is nothing better than encouraging your employees to discover mother nature fueled-inspiration with the help of a playful outdoor space. According to, studies show that 40% of workers report their job is extremely stressful. An outdoor workspace increases concentration, reduces stress levels, and thus improves job performance. Outdoor lounge areas are not only functional but help respite from the daily grind of a cubicle with little interaction and inspiration.

Check out Casper’s 34,000 SQ FT Headquarters in NYC who’s space was inspired to be “bright, serene, and ethereal.” Their innovation of creating a fresh and dreamlike environment made sure to incorporate an outdoor space on the rooftop made with artificial turf.

Maybe your commercial lot doesn’t have space for an outdoor meeting area, but strategically creating a radiant and cunning landscape design next to windows can also have a similar effect. Research suggests that offices with scenic views lead to a more productive atmosphere. Don’t worry if your window overlooks another building, that is where a simple trellis with bougainvillea or vines can transform the space while also giving you beautiful privacy.

Optimizing Traffic Flow

There is nothing more frustrating than overshooting a property entrance because it was not clearly defined. Your signage is typically the first thing that bystanders see from the road unless it is over overgrown with shrubbery. Plan your signage space because it is a critical point on your property, so you want to ensure you make the most out of this focal point. Consider visibility when choosing plants to inhibit potential growth that blocks signage. With our knowledge, we can help create your signage as the focal point from the road or for the whole property. Vibrant flower beds will help punctuate the entrance with brilliant blooms, especially when they highlight your existing color scheme. Perennials are a great way to maintain a consistent bloom, and native plants are easy to maintain, which means spending less in other areas like landscape maintenance.

Roundabouts are an easy way to spruce up the appearance with fountains, beautiful landscaping, and signage, all of which help optimize traffic flow. Stunning landscaping and medians help reduce speeds by highlighting the change in the character of the street, especially roundabouts. Raised medians are most useful on high volume and high-speed roads. Of course, the amount of landscaping should not obstruct the visibility of pedestrians and approaching motorists. Bordering walkways with flowers can add aesthetic value and control traffic flow for pedestrians as well.

Overall, clearly define entrances have identifiable curb cuts, pavement markings, and formal perimeter planting. Some may believe that a parking lot is just empty space. A parking lot is the gateway to a flourishing landscape design. Consider breaking up the parking lots with islands of plantings for visual appeal and comfort. We all know that parking under a tree during this Florida heat is your best friend.

Highlight the Company’s Features Already in Place

The easy part of commercial landscaping is calling us. We take your needs, preferences, and budgets to create a unique design that corresponds with objects that are already in place like parking lots, the building itself, fountains, etc. We have solutions for everything! If you are limited to landscaping space, that’s where retaining walls can add depth and volume to any area or entrance while providing additional planting space. Retaining walls are also an easy fix for sloping landscapes because they provide a layered wall system.

If you love the way the architecture of your building looks, some solutions highlight your property and maintain it as the focal point. We have the answers to add the right plants that direct patrons to these focal points while allowing open space for admiration of the features. We also offer lighting features that make your property shine at night!

Maybe there are a few spots of your building you want to hide or cover up. Especially if you have a blank space on your building that you feel is less than stellar, we have the solution by adding a living wall that transforms the area in its entirety.

Another great way to tie together your already existing architectural features is to include a pergola between two narrow buildings to transform the space into an elegant walkway. It allows the perfect balance of shade without the area feeling enclosed.

We generate innovative landscaping design that surpasses a well-maintained lawn and a few flowers underneath your signage. We discover the balance between your personal goals for landscaping, transform your clients’ experiences, and thus create a unique, memorable experience that increases your guest satisfaction in significant ways. Call us today to discover how big of an impact a custom landscape design can revolutionize your business.

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