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Is Your Landscape Putting Money Back in Your Pocket?

We often get asked by clients about the Return on Investment or ROI from landscaping their property and to really put things in perspective our team conducted a case study from a recent project. To learn more about how your landscape can put money BACK into your pocket read our blog below!

Client Case Study

Our client purchased their Naples home for $390,000 in December of 2009, in hopes of eventually selling their home, they wanted to invest in the landscape to increase value. We took their vision and provided them with a landscape service that is not only timeless, elegant, and innovative, it is suitable for any lifestyle or personality. With the help of some interior renovations and our landscape, they were able to sell their home four years later in April of 2013 with the sales price at $650,000 gaining $260,000 from their original purchase price! Confirming the recent Wall Street Journal study that landscape investments are fully recovered and sometimes even doubled by increasing real estate value.



Detail of the Services

Cintron Landscape Services embraced the challenge to help this family and provide as much potential profit as possible. The family gave us an all-in budget of $45,500 for renovations and landscape. We utilized that budget to provide them with a functional landscape that thrives year-round and also increased space with the addition of soft-scapes such as soil, plants and trees along with hardscape areas such as patios, decks, rock work, walkways and more.

Return on Investment

If we break apart our particular client, given that they have invested in total $435,500; we can now analyze how our services were able to sell their home at a higher price; profiting the family $214,500. For any given home, it is known that landscaping appreciates over time. As your new landscape grows bigger, it increases in value. That doesn’t necessarily mean letting your landscape turn into a jungle, but we can all agree that a beautiful royal palm that stands taller than the top of your head is a real eye-pleaser. So, to answer another question, there is a difference between ‘good’ landscape and ‘excellent’ landscape. The difference isn’t just by quality, but a home with ‘excellent’ landscaping can expect to sell at a price that is about 6-7% higher than those with ‘good’ landscaping, according to Clemson University. In particular, Cintron offers services such as lighting, personalized design, time-efficient installation, irrigation services, soft-scape, and hardscape - just to name a few.

On average, our clients’ investments allow them to have the following ROI’s

Design and Install - 250%

General Upgrades - 50%

New Landscape Patio - 100%

New Landscape Deck - 100%

Soft-scape - 100%

In general, according to landscape professionals and realtors, a well-landscaped and designed outdoor space adds 5%-7% value to your property for an average ROI of 250%, and our clients are proof that ROI can be achieved with just one of our categories of renovation.

We are Here to Help You

If you have ever thought about selling your home, consider this recent study done by Money Magazine about Estimated Recovery Value ( also known as ERV)

● Kitchen remodel - 75 to 125% ERV

● Bathroom remodel - 20 to 120% ERV

● Swimming pool - 20 to 50% ERV

● Landscape - 100 to 200% ERV

In comparison to common kitchen or bathroom remodels, an excellent landscape can bring an ERV of up to 200%, so in other words, that means more money in your pocket than any of the three renovations listed above. Many factors play a role in the process of home improvement, and we are here to make it as easy for you as possible! We can help your home achieve the stunning curb appeal that will make it the talk of the town. With our team of experts and the variety of services we offer, we can create a beautiful and uniquely designed landscape personalized just for you!

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