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Lighting is Contagious!

Landscape lighting is evolving not only technically but artistically as well. Before, clients were asking for smaller projects along walkways and possibly a few trees, but now, outdoor landscaping is becoming a full-scale project. It is common for commercial businesses, including restaurants to start trends, like string-lighting and Edison bulbs which have become a hot commodity for lanai and patio decorations. Elegant and ambient lighting catch the “oohs” and “ahhs” at hotels and fine dining restaurants, why not bring this artistic impact to your home or business too?

At Cintron Landscape Services, our lighting professionals have experience lighting outdoor spaces that highlight everything from the architectural features of the outside of your home to newly planted gardens and trees. Think about the landscape lighting as the jewelry to your home’s exterior- it’s stunning, but you need that extra accent to finish the look. We will take care of your landscaping needs from start to finish, including tree removal, design, and finish with lighting. We take the time to carefully construct all aspects of your landscaping needs, especially when it comes to light. The last thing you want is your walkways to look like an airport runway. Your illuminated walkway should lead you to the next section of landscaping. There are even strategies to make your property appear to have more depth by illuminating trees on the edge of your property. When landscape lighting is done right, it can be an essential asset to your home and transform your landscape game.

Curb Appeal

Whether you want an update for yourself or are interested in selling your home, one of the first things that people notice is curb appeal. There have been many case studies that curb appeal is one of the most critical parts about selling your home. You can even check out one of our other blogs here about a recent case study that we did with one of the homes we had the opportunity of landscaping. Realtors agree, the first thing noticed about your home by potential homebuyers is the curb appeal. In a recent poll by, more than half of homebuyers said outdoor living space was the single most attractive quality in a home. Proper lighting and cozy editions like a fire pit can be the perfect accents that you need. During the evening hours, the home’s landscaping should shine, literally. Adding lighting can make your home stand out on its own.

Create an outdoor entertainment space that’s lightyears ahead of the competition

Landscape lighting does not have to be limited to a spotlight on your royal palm, but can also add ambient light to your entertainment areas as well. This lighting will allow you to extend your enjoyment and usability of your outdoor lounging spaces into the evening hours with the help of lights. Now, that we are getting into fall, we experience shorter times of daylight, and lucky for us in Southwest Florida, we can enjoy beautiful temperatures throughout the year. Landscape lighting allows your space to be the center of family fun, gathering friends, and building relationships for any time of the day, not restricted to the hours of sunlight.

Outdoor spaces are the retreat of any home, which is why good lighting can create a zen-like quality to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property and highlight the fun and exciting points of interest, such as fountains, garden swings, and more. For many people who work during the day and get home just in time for dinner, they are only being able to enjoy outdoor spaces on the weekends. Adding outdoor lighting can immediately transform your garden into a usable space at any time.

Safety Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

We have all shuffled through the dark looking for our trash can on the side of the house when we walk face-first into a spider’s web or stub our pinky toe on the cement trim around the landscape. It looks pretty, but it can be a pain to try and navigate around it during the dark. So not only does landscape lighting look stunning, but it also serves as a form of protection and security. You are now able to see your surroundings and walkways as well as guests, wanted or not. Outdoor lighting is effective at illuminating the unwanted guests and deterring them from approaching your home in the first place.

Many homeowners worry that they will not be able to enjoy their property once the sun goes down. Here at Cintron, we believe that you can appreciate your home and garden both day and night with the help of our landscape lighting team. Speak to one of our experts today at (239) 768-1472 to discover for yourself the transformation that outdoor lighting can do for your landscape and lifestyle.

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