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Sprucing Up Your Landscaping for the Holidays

Your home will be the talking point of this year’s holiday party because all of your guests would rather spend all their time outside than inside! In Southwest Florida, there is hardly such thing as winter because we can enjoy time outside year-round. That makes your outdoor space the perfect hosting spot for your next family and friends gathering. But wait! It seems like your backyard might need a little TLC this holiday season. Give us a call; we can spruce up your outdoor space just in time for your holiday party.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time For 🎶

Fire That’s right! Who knew you would be asking for a toasty fire in Southwest Florida. Well, it does get chilly sometimes, but not only that, our fire features are a great crowd pleasure no matter what time of the year it is. Ignite your inner pyromaniac and call us about our hot services like our fire bowls.

Outdoor Dining You can’t have a booming party without an excellent outdoor dining or sitting area. With our intricate landscaping design, our team can dedicate the perfect space for an elegant and lively sitting area or a more secluded one for the hopeless romantics at the party.

Not only do these areas need to be placed strategically, but they can also be creative. For example, you wouldn’t want your eating area in the furthest corner of your lot because then you have to lug all the entertainment supplies and food out there! Also, you probably wouldn’t want to put a bar cart in a flowerbed, so laying down hardscapes or stones to balance objects can wow your guests. We love placing stones that lead your way throughout the landscape. Not only does this make it easier to maneuver, but you don’t have to jeopardize your landscaping being stepping on whenever you have a get-together.

Play Areas

You have an entire backyard full of guests scurrying around, but what about when it’s a child-friendly party? What are they going to do? You can designate a plot of land made explicitly for entertaining children with a soft bed of grass. There are now numerous lanai and poolscapes that include a spot just for a patch of grass, the perfect size for lawn games, or rolling around. When the party days are over, add a few lounge chairs to unwind.

Water Features

The subtle white noise of a water feature is sure to wow your guests. Not only does it illuminate excellence, but it also serves as a familiar gathering spot. You can also decorate the water feature to match the theme of your party. The possibilities are endless.


Why limit decorating for indoors? Our custom outdoor spaces thrive with unique designs that can become all the more appealing once you add your personal touches. Especially for holiday parties, decorate your outdoor space as you would indoors. Add cushions around the water features of fire bowls. Or Add a fuzzy hide to any wooden features like benches or chairs for an elevated and comfy feel. For those empty areas where you don’t know what to put, our team also creates luxurious potted plant ideas that not only add color but height as well.

All I Want for Christmas Is 🎶

A chance to relax, unwind, and get in a vacation state of mind. The perfect gift for this holiday season is calling Cintron to create the ideal gathering space for holidays and everyday fun. Not only that, when you get the home to yourself, all you have to do is step into your backyard oasis and be transported to a serenity abound landscape. Our team can work with your budget, desires, and space to create your perfect at-home retreat. Give the gift that lasts for years to come by calling us for a consultation at (239) 768-1472.

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