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The Secret to a Healthy Landscape

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

We love being able to give our clients the landscape of their dreams, but a beautiful landscape cannot maintain itself on its own. Water is one of the keys to keeping your lawn lush and colorful. Every plant that is in your outdoor space needs a different amount of water to survive and in the Southwest Florida climate, we can’t always depend on the rain to give our greenery what it needs.

At Cintron Landscape Services, we are always working to provide our clients with superior services to keep their landscape looking brand new, even after our work is done. Our irrigation experts have many years of experience and install only the latest, high-quality products into your landscape project, from residential home systems to large commercial projects - we service it all! Irrigation systems help lift the burden of lawn care off your shoulders and makes it so much easier to maintain. If you are wondering what an irrigation system can do for your landscape, then check out these helpful benefits!

Saves You Time

Taking the time to make sure your plants are properly getting water can be difficult to get around to. Balancing your work and personal life is already difficult without adding daily lawn care tasks to the equation. Don’t let your landscape suffer because of your busy lifestyle, installing an irrigation system is the perfect option for someone who is always on the go.

With an irrigation system, you can set certain times and time lengths for watering your plants. You won’t have to worry about being away from home anymore, your irrigation system can stay on as long as it needs to in order for plants to get the right amount of water without having to physically do it yourself.

Saves You Water

One argument against having an irrigation system is that it would be easier and less expensive to water your greenery with a hose. Although watering your plants by hand may seem like an economical way to keep your plant life nourished, you actually use more water than you think. On average, you waste 50% of your water supply by using a hose due to evaporation and runoff which increases your water bill tremendously if done regularly. An Irrigation system will help make sure your plants are actually getting the water they need without the waste or inflation of your water bill.

Prevents Weeds

Believe it or not, not everything growing in your lawn may need to be constantly watered. Watering all parts of your landscape can cause weeds to grow, which can cause increased care and maintenance tasks to perform. With irrigation systems, you can focus on nourishing plants that need to be watered the most more frequently. Specifically, drip irrigation systems can target and water plants closer to the root more efficiently.

Protects Your Plants

One of the most important benefits of having an irrigation system is that it keeps plants healthier. Excess water has the potential to erode soil and strip plants of special nutrients that they need. Too much water can also compact the soil around your plants and cause plant suffocation or root disease. Irrigation systems add the right amount of water to your landscape without disrupting the health and balance of your plant’s environment.

Overall, irrigation systems create an easy and efficient way to keep your landscape maintained and hydrated. If you are interested in installing an irrigation system for your commercial or residential property please call us at 239-768-1472 or visit to find out more.



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