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Creating the Perfect Pool-scape Extravaganza!

Alright, it's your turn to host Sunday football, and you want to bring the liveliness of any tailgating party to your personal backyard extravaganza. Your backyard is far more than just a few plants and some grass. Smart homeowners are converting several thousand square feet of wasted space into a functional and modern outdoor living area. Pool scapes are a unique form of landscape design that strives to blend native plant materials into your pool area to create the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

When adding native plants, there is a reduction in the amount and cost of landscape maintenance, less wasted water, and a reduction in heating and cooling costs for your home and more. Strategically planting large trees around your home and pool will provide much-needed shade in the summertime. While this environmentally friendly design concept is functional, it also focuses on creating a beautiful and tranquil space that can also serve as the life of your next party. Let's dive into achieving a unique and entertaining space for all the seasons to come.

More than Just a Pool

We all know how a pool can transform any space, especially when you are hosting your Sunday Football get-together. You need a space that meets all the criteria without having to go back into your home for anything. The last thing you want is to see glistening wet footprints leading throughout your house or into your kitchen. What’s one of the best parts of a tailgating party? The food! Make sure to incorporate an outdoor kitchen because it’s never a real tailgating party without some tasty food and drinks.

Another game-changer for your outdoor space is to designate a play area (besides a pool) for half-time fun or entertaining the kids. Artificial turf is a unique and no-hassle play area perfect for your own touch football game or corn-hole. Check out this under-construction home that incorporated real grass- soft to the touch and low maintenance!

Pool-scape is Your Escape

We all know the benefits of living in SWFL, which is the beautiful weather throughout the year, but we also know how hot the mid-days can get! That’s why a pool is so beneficial to have, especially when hosting a get-together. Creating a unique, elegant, and maintainable pool scape is ideal for any home. Imagine bending over to grab some plants out of the pool, and you miss the game-winning touchdown. While everyone else high-five's each other, you are holding soggy leaves not knowing what happened. Don’t do that to yourself! When you pick Cintron, we know the best options that are easy to maintain while still capturing the beauty and tropical feeling that can transform your space.

When doing pool scapes, we know the trees with invasive roots which commonly damage the pool’s structure, its surrounding areas and plumbing system. We recommend placing trees like bougainvillea's, oleanders, ficus, and elm trees at other spaces on your property. When placed near your pool, these trees create a lot of debris or have an extensive root system; in other words, they are a pain around your pool. But, we love bougainvillea's for your pergola to create a majestic and stunning eye-pleaser.

Ideal Plants for the Pool

When we are trying to go with a tropical appeal for our pool scapes we typically go with palms because they are the ideal tree! Palms tend to have a shallow and thin root system that grows straight down, which would not pose any danger to your pool. King Palms, Areca Palms, and Cane Palms are all great choices to put around your pool. You can even add an architectural feature within your pool for landscaping which combines a high dimension to your space with modern concepts.

You can also plant palms in a group or a cluster that helps to create ideal privacy screens. Or you can plant fast-growing vines which can weave in and out of fences and trellises to also form a privacy screen. Vines can be trained as “living roofs” on arbors and pergolas like our good friend above. Vines ideal for pool scapes would be the passionflower, honeysuckle, jasmine, and trumpet vine because they have little debris.

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